"Aval" bank began placement of bonds of "UVS" ltd. to the amount of 6 million hryvnas

On the 3rd of February "Aval" bank being the manager of the project began placement of bonds of "UVS" ltd. to the amount of 6 million hryvnas. The information was released by the Bank press service with reference to the deputy chief of the department for corporate banking of the JSPPB "Aval" Alexander Senkin.

According to him, bond issue is carried out in paperless form with the coupon rate of yield 18 interests per annum in hryvnas.

The turnover period of bonds is 1,5 years with offer for redemption by the issuer in 1 year. Starting from the date of placement the coupon payment will be made quarterly.

State Committee for Securities on Stock Market registered bond issue of "UVS" ltd. to the amount of 6 million hryvnas on January, 22 2003.

"UVS" ltd. is a profitable enterprise which has been working on the food market since 1994. The company is specialized in production and selling of sugar (with concurrent production of processed products of sugar-beet — molasses and bagasse), cattle breeding, poultry farming and also providing of services on harvesting and crop processing.

Producing capacities of the company — sugar factories — are in favourable geographical location with respect to a source of raw materials in the Sumy oblast.

The Joint-Stock Post Pension Bank "Aval" founded in 1992 is one of the largest banks in Ukraine. The regional network of the Bank exceeds 1,2 thousand structural subdivisions. The Bank is an active manager and underwriter of the projects on issue and placement of corporate bonds. In particular the Bank handles projects together with Open JSC "Monomakh" (500 thousand hryvnas), Closed JSC "Ukrzernoprom" (6,4 million hryvnas), Open JSC "Stroymaterialy" (1,0 million hryvnas), Open JSC "Stroymaterial-marketing" (1,0 million hryvnas), "Argo" Ltd (18 million hryvnas).

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