AUB will proceed creating favorable conditions for capitalization of banks —
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AUB will proceed creating favorable conditions for capitalization of banks

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The Council of the Association of Ukrainian Banks has approved the efforts of AUB as regards establishing favorable conditions for capitalization of the banking system of Ukraine.
As the AUB press service reports, such decision was adopted by members of the Association’s Council at the meeting held on May 20 this year.
The bankers took a decision about the necessity of introduction the bills aimed at furthering of banks’ capitalization to the Verkhovna Rada.
Particularly, it concerns drafts of alterations into the Bill of Ukraine "On Profit Taxation of Enterprises" and the Bill of Ukraine "On Taxation of Incomes of Individuals" in the part of exemption from taxation of investments into the banking system and improving of the procedure of taxation of dividends reinvested into the bank’s capital; a draft of alterations into the Bill of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking", as regards optimization of a share of foreign bank capital in the capital of the banking system of Ukraine.
The bankers have also decided to continue cooperation with banks in the direction of searching ways of improvement of an investment climate and terms of capitalization.
In particular, they stressed the necessity of studying matters of protection of interests and rights of shareholders (those small inclusive); reducing rates of taxation of a dividend yield of individuals; development of a stock market aimed at conversion of a stock into an investment instrument, alternative to the existing ways of profitable investment; enlarging the sphere of application of preference stocks and so on.
Besides, it has been decided to proceed working on reducing coefficients of weighing risks of assets while calculating the ratio of adequacy of regulative capital and bringing these coefficients into line with European legislation.
During the Council’s meeting, there was also considered a question of alterations into the Bill of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking" having been initiated by NBU, particularly, in the part of disclosing information on the structure of property and defining a controller. To elaborate the question, it was decided to establish an initiative group at the AUB.
There was also a decision taken on passing Verkhovna Rada the correspondent remarks and proposals of the Council’s members concerning prematurity of opening foreign banks affiliates in Ukraine.
After studying these proposals, the Association will continue working at their registration by the National Bank and the VR profile committee.
In the course of the meeting, the CB Ukrayinsky Finansovy Svit Ltd. (Donetsk) became a member of the AUB.
The date of a regular 12th Congress of the AUB has been fixed for November 25 this year.
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